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A little about me: After having studied sculpture in college I continued to sculpt in various media – looking for a surface that really sung to me, endlessly inspired by the beauty of the natural world around me. Once I tried mosaic it was only natural for me to combine my love of making 3D forms and the brilliant surface only a mosaic can provide. I enjoy using many different and new materials in my artwork and, combined with my job - which in part is research and development of new sculpture materials, I have found the perfect environment for my artwork to grow and develop.

I have worked with The Compleat Sculptor since 1999 and during that time I have participated in R&D for new products and taught various classes at our location in New York City as well as all over the US. I have studied sculpture and mosiac in NYC and Italy and was currently invited to work on a mosaic project with the Cape Cod Mosaic Workshop making a large outdoor mosaic to be installed on the bike path in Falmouth MA. Click here to view my Artist Bio.